Wireless Security Assessment

Service Description

Malicious intruders are constantly probing networks for access points for misconfiguration, vulnerabilities, and weak security controls to compromise network defenses. The growth in the use of remote access to networks through wireless technologies has opened the floodgates to would-be intruders and has increased risk to organizations. Valiant has extensive experience helping clients identify access points and rogue devices, analyze their security configurations, test for vulnerabilities, and implement security policies that minimize this risk.

Valiant’s Wireless Security Assessments meet the security challenges of business-critical wireless technologies. These technologies pose unique threats because their signals propagate outside physical boundaries and are therefore difficult to control. Misconfiguration and weak security protocols allow for unauthorized eavesdropping and easy access.

Valiant has pioneered cutting edge techniques for evaluating wireless networks. Understanding how enterprise vulnerabilities are exploited and how to measure subsequent risks allows our experts to create the right solutions to secure your critical assets.

Valiant consultants will identify and invent all wireless network access points, identify and exploit weaknesses in the wireless network, and assess the overall exposure of the company to wireless network attacks. They then recommend the best methods to secure the environment based on internal business requirements and best practices for wireless security.

Valiant approach to wireless security assessment,

Map and Identify Active Wireless Networks, Valiant consultants will determine your network's vulnerability to an attacker with radio access to the wireless network space. Valiant consultants will attempt detect the wireless networks in place (including any ad-hoc networks identified), determine the locations and ranges of the wireless networks, evaluate the range of the wireless access area, determine network configuration information, and probe points of entry for identifying system information or access parameters.

Assess Wireless Implementation for Vulnerabilities, Valiant will evaluate the security measures taken to secure infrastructure, including the SSID, the use and strength of WEP encryption, network segmentation, and access control devices.

Exploit Vulnerabilities and Access Other Networks, Valiant consultants will use the previously discovered vulnerabilities to obtain access to other network segments. If the team is successful, they will test different methods to exploit that access. This phase will determine which network segments and systems the wireless network infrastructure can access, the security controls that separate the wireless network from other network segments and if the wireless network can be used as a launching point to attack other systems.

Key Business Benefits

Enhances wireless network security
Identify and minimize security risks and vulnerabilities
Prevent malicious or unintended activities
Avoid incidents that put the organization's goodwill and reputation at stake.
Meeting regulatory compliance

Our Approach

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