Cyber Crime Management

Businesses are clearly realizing the need to prevent cyber infractions on their information assets; equally important is the need to carry out a forensic analysis of suspected attacks and ensure that the perpetrators are identified. A requisite first step in this direction is the collection, preservation, analysis and presentation of reliable and relevant evidence to law enforcement agencies and judiciary. We assist organizations throughout the Cybercrime management cycle and support the establishment of effective evidence gathering and interpretation mechanisms. We would also help organizations to improve controls to minimize future attacks.

Following components would help establish Cyber Crime Management:

  • ‘Incident’ identification and response
  • Log analysis and interpretation
  • Establishing ‘evidence’ as an attribute in good network design
  • Training and awareness to minimize impact of cyber attacks on information assets
  • Investigation of Cyber Frauds and Cyber Crimes
    • Cyber Forensic Lifecycle – Development and implementation of policies and processes

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