Enterprise Security Incident Response

Service Description

Where businesses are exposed to criminal activities, there is a need to prevent them through appropriate security measures; equally important is the need to carry out a forensic analysis of the attack and ensure that the perpetrators are appropriately handled. A requisite first step in this direction is the collection, preservation, analysis and presentation of the conclusion to law enforcement or judiciary.

Organizations will do well to engage an Information Security / Cyber-crime expert once they become aware of any act that points to a possible security infraction. If the organization does not follow the correct procedures throughout the forensic analysis process, evidence may be deemed inadmissible in court or quasi-judicial proceedings.

Occurrence of incidents can be due to technology factors or human action / inaction. There can also be cases where both factors could be occurring together. In all cases, emphasis has to be laid on a quick, planned and coordinated response that will mitigate the impact of the incident.

As dependence on IT increases within an organization, there is likely to be increasing number of incidents. The increase in the number of incidents is not only driven by increasing reliance on IT to deliver business value but also because there are increasing propensity to be subject to internal and external infractions and attacks due to a variety of reasons.

Valiant will assist the organization to create a detailed Incident Management process.

Key Business Benefits

Having in place a structured Incident Management Program
Reduce financial impact arising out of discontinuity of services and operations
Conform to regulatory and legal requirements
Meet SLAs, OLAs and contractual obligations
Avoid change in public perception and damage to the overall image of the Bank

Our Approach

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