Development of Data Loss Prevention (DLP)

Service Description

Data Loss Prevention process transcends technology Valiant’s successful DLP depends on clear risk assessment process; clarity over acceptable risks; need to identify subjects and objects in the information processing systems of an organization and establishing a policy.

The user level data leak risk assessment methodology adopted by us begins with classifying all data access, processing, movement and storage / archiving related activities into unique Action or Usage Types. The next stage is to analyze the activities or action types by mode of data transference or other action on the data, allowing the identification of acceptable and unacceptable activities. Based on empirical research carried out by Valiant Technologies and using data provided by DLP vendor organizations, we have categorized ten broad areas which contain vulnerabilities that are exploitable by various threats associated with data storage and movement over the network:

Business & Personal website usage
E-mail and attachments
Web interfaced mail systems
File downloads and uploads
Installing and uninstalling applications
Registry edits
Removable mass storage devices
Print – hard and soft
Instant messaging systems
Content related issues

Key Business Benefits

Prevent unauthorised disclosure of confidential business information
Prevent malicious or unintended activities
Meeting regulatory compliance
Protect privacy

Our Approach

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