Development and Evaluation of Information Security Policies and Procedures

Service Description

The quality of an organization’s information security policy has considerable impact on its capacity to prevent vulnerabilities and breaches of its security and to recover from these breaches at minimal cost. Valiant development and implementation of information security policies and procedures provide a comprehensive framework for ensuring the effectiveness of information security controls over information resources and appropriate controls has been incorporated based on business requirements.

The overall objective of this Security Policy evaluation is to assess adequacy and appropriateness of the policies and provide recommendations to bring them in line with globally accepted best practices. Our policy review is based on the organization’s information security requirements and driven by some of the globally accepted best practices, though we recognize there is no single global standard for information security policies coverage and content.

Key Business Benefits

Establish a common framework
Align information security with business objectives
Establish a security mechanism conforming to globally accepted best practices
Ensure compliance with mandates and laws
Establish a process to continuously evaluate and strengthen security systems and processes
Identify and minimize security risks
Enhance security awareness across the organization

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