Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Management

Service Description

Development of full cycle Business Continuity Plan / Disaster Recovery Plan

With heightened awareness of the possible consequences of being out of normal business operations for undetermined periods of time, businesses are now minimizing the risk of going out of business due either to a disaster or an event that challenges continuity of business operations ‘as usual. Continuity of service offerings is as important as any of the other factors that provide sustainable strategic competitive advantage.

Valiant have a great expertise in strategizing, creating, testing and maintaining of BCP and DRP. Our consultants come with significant knowledge and expertise in assisting organizations from the stage of plan initiation to conducting of Business Impact Analysis to strategizing recovery strategies.

Review of existing Business Continuity Plan / Disaster Recovery Plan

Valiant strongly advocate periodic testing of BCP and DRP and to ensure that any deficiencies that have been detected during test process be rectified. Given the dynamic nature of business processes of today, BCP and DRP can go out of date quite fast and an outdated and irrelevant BCP and / or DRP is itself a cause for sure disaster! Valiant consultants assist in implementing a plan-maintenance process and can assist client personnel to ensure that maintenance triggers are brought out clearly by conducting the review of BCP/DRP.

Key Business Benefits

Continue business operations
Reduce chances of disaster
Meet regulatory requirements
Reduce financial loss
Commit to SLAs
Provide safety to personnel

Our Approach

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